This web site is for those who wish to learn and improve their Tibetan language abilities. The navigation area offers links to web-based instructional projects for beginners and intermediate Tibetan language students, as well as to the Hopkins Tibetan Treasures Archive, a resource for advanced language students and researchers of Tibetan Buddhism. Besides these programs, we also offer inovative Tibetan Language classrooms in Second Life (teleport to Catocala) and OSGrid (teleport to Wamlabs) for Tibetan learning in virtual environments.

Here is Magee's article entitled: "Tibetan in the Virtual Classroom: Displaying Complex Scripts in Second Life and OpenSim"

Magee's Second Life Video Tutorials

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A Tibetan Classroom in Second Life

Magee's "Cube of Tibetan Consonants"

Magee's "Wall of WylieWriters"

Bill's Wamlabs Mediatronics Blog

The Digital Resources for Buddhist Studies Blog